February 15, 2013

Film finished and back in Stockholm!

Long time since the last update. But I am still alive! And here is a short summary of what i have been up to:

Film finished + Award!
I finished my graduation film But Milk Is Important that i made togheter with Eirik Grønmo Bjørnsen!
We won an award for best Nordic-Baltic Student Film at Fredrikstad Animation Festival, and now we are sending it around to festivals!

Back in Stockholm and freelancing I have worked on some animated commercials and i made a vignette for Fredrikstad Animation Fesitval. At the moment I am helping out at a lovely stop motion short called Pappersvärld (Paperworld) by Jöns Mellgren. The film has a really nice style and it is very fun working with paper.
I have made the puppets, and also some props.
Two days ago we took the first shot and now I am animating on the film, very fun!

Turning the room into a studio..

First shot to be animated!

Tiny birds with paper wings, that I made for the film.

And least but not last, a little doodle.


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