Comissioned Stuff

(Under construction..)

A few projects that i have been involved in:

Pappersvärld (Paperworld)

Is a Stop Motion short by Jöns Mellgren.
I had an Internship at the film and did a lot of the animation and also constructed and made all the puppets. The visuals of the film are really lovely and awesome, and I am looking forward to see the finished result !

Here is a shot of a falling bird that I animated (and made the bird).


Commercial for Läkarmissionen, directed by Anders Forsman.
Animated by Mikael Lindbom and Me.
I animated the book, the boy turning around and sitting down, and the two last shots.

Guardian Angel from Anders Forsman on Vimeo.

Making Of:

lakarmissionen bts from Anna Mantzaris on Vimeo.

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